We are revolutionizing healthcare through intelligent software.

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Dynamic templates of care adjust to the needs of each patient, intelligently organizing tasks, education, communication & more.


Interactive educational modules leverage intuitive & evidence-based design increasing comprehension & engagement.


Action items are customized by patient and care pathway ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.


HIPAA-compliant communication delivers key messages and reminders through multiple communication channels.


Costs are associated with each stage of the care pathway, creating significant financial transparency.


Platform built to capture & analyze patient data. Activation Scores risk-stratify patients and streamline deployment of healthcare resources

Coordinate across the continuum.

Coordination transformed from a manual, fragmented, non-transparent and error-prone process into a cloud-based solution that manages episodes of care, ensuring seamless hand-offs at every stage of the care pathway.

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Make the leap to true engagement.

Evidence-based and patient-specific education deployed at the right place at the right time. Transforming dense, generic information into well-timed, easily understood learning modules that are culturally sensitive, multi-lingual and encourage family participation. Integrated with coordination and measured for comprehension, ClinicalBox significantly increases patient health, safety and shared decision-making.

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Value-based healthcare through microcosting.

As healthcare shifts from a fee-for-service environment to value-based contracts, the demand for financial insights that move from the macro level to the micro level has increased. Microcosting associated with intelligent care pathways provides the enhanced financial visibility necessary to make value-based healthcare a reality.

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One platform, tailored solutions.

ClinicalBox’s platform has coordination, engagement, financial and analytical capabilities that can be easily configured to the needs of each segment of the healthcare industry.

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Unparalleled integration with your existing IT infrastructure.

ClinicalBox solutions are able to connect with 110+ EHR and health IT systems deployed at over 750 healthcare facilities across the country.

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Significant healthcare and technology experience.

We know healthcare and what it takes to transform the industry.

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